Foreign Lingo

Basic Croatian can help you to get to places, order food and even have a chat with locals. Slang is often used as a 'unofficial language' in all regions of Croatia. It varies from north to south, and even on the islands for example the island Vis, makes it hard for other Dalmatian regions to understand.

Here are a few words and phrases that can help you on your travels:

Hello - Bok

Good Morning - Dobar Jutro

Good afternoon - Dobar dan

Good Evening -Dobar Vecer

Please - Molim

Thank you - Hvala

Sorry! - Oprostite!

How much does it cost? - Koliko kosta?

Yes - Da

No - Ne

Beer - pivo

Cheers- uzdravlje

Wine- vino

I love you - Volim te

Where is the bathroom - Gje je zahod/wc

Help! - u Pomoc!

Have a good journey - sretan put

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