Hotels in Dubrovnik

Villa Argentina Location: Dubrovnik - Ploce


Grand Villa Argentina is a short walk from the city walls of Dubrovnik including four beautiful villas featuring the glorious views of the Adriatic Sea, historic forts and the Old Town. The hotel is beautifully decorated and includes Bulgari amenities. 

Hotel Excelsior Location: Dubrovnik – Ploce


Dubrovnik Hotel Excelsior is a member of the Adriatic Luxury Hotels group consisting of 7 other Hotels on the shorelines of the Adriatic Sea. It is a spacious 5 star hotel in the heart of Dubrovnik with a glorious view of Lokrum Island. Hotel Excelsior is located close to the Old Town of Dubrovnik, which gives you a breathtaking view of the city. Enjoy the sun and sea on the private beach, let the Thai Table Restaurant tantalize you with their Thai cuisine or you can even indulge in a relaxing massage as Hotel Excelsior offers a full spa-service.


Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik Hotel Location: Dubrovnik – Pile


The historic hotel is located only a few meters away from the Pile gate bridge that brings you into the world of the "Pearl of the Adriatic". Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik Hotel offers large rooms with spectacular views of the Old Town and its city walls with modern amenities and a taste of Croatian decor.


Pucic Palace Location: Dubrovnik – Old Town


Pucic Palace is a boutique hotel situated in a unique location on the Gundulic Square, the heart of Old Town Dubrovnik. The hotel is a 17th century structure built in Baroque style and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Pucic Palace is surrounded by Dubrovnik's art and culture, history and enchantments.


Rixos Libertas Dubrovnik Location: Dubrovnik


Hotel Rixos Libertas is located on the shoreline of the Adriatic Sea and it is only 15min away from the ancient Old Town of Dubrovnik. The hotel proudly presents 254 luxurious rooms with stunning views and offers pampering for those in need to start their holiday fresh and relaxed.


Hotel Bellevue Location: Dubrovnik


Hotel Bellevue claims the location on the rocky cliffs overlooking Miramar Bay with tremendous views on the Adriatic Sea. The hotel is only a 15min walk from the Old Town of Dubrovnik and an oasis away from the hassle and bustle of everyday life. You will find your home away from home in this modern hotel that exalts top of their class service, attention to detail and splendor.


Hotel Lero Location: Dubrovnik


Hotel Lero is located only a few kilometers from the city walls on Ivo Vojnovic Street. The hotel was built in 1971 and is open all year round for guest to enjoy their professional service, wellness centre and try out Bosnian cuisine in their restaurant Taj Mahal at affordable value.


Hotel Lapad Location: Dubrovnik – Lapad


Hotel Lapad is one of the oldest hotels in Dubrovnik and was opened in 1914 still owing up to its traditional style and Victorian charms. The hotel is located on the seaside opposite Gruz harbor and offers guests a swimming pool, lush gardens, 157 rooms and 6 suits only 3km away from the Old city walls.


Hotel Splendid Location: Dubrovnik - Lapad bay


Hotel Splendid is a casual beachfront hotel in Lapad Bay with 59 rooms in a Mediterranean garden. The hotel is situated only 4km away from the city walls, which a beautiful walk along the Adriatic Sea or a short ride on the No.4 bus to the Old Town.


Hotel Palace Location: Dubrovnik - Lapad bay


Hotel Palace has been awarded for being "Croatia's Leading Hotel” and "Croatia's Leading Spa Resort". The hotel has a magnificent location between pinewoods on the shoreline of the Adriatic Sea of Lapad Bay. The hotel offers privacy and relaxation while overlooking the Elaphiti Islands just below the Petka forest.

Insider Tip: The hotel offers a romantic getaway package to the islet of Grebeni where you can be accommodated in the lighthouse!

Boutique Hotel More Location: Dubrovnik - Lapad bay


Hotel More is located majestically on the seafront with magnificent views on the rocky cliffs of Lapad Bay and is only 3km away from Old Town Dubrovnik. The stunning seaside footpath creates ambience, linking the rest of Lapad Bay on the peninsula.

Insider Tip: Hotel More has a natural Cave Bar nestled under the hotel that will give you a delighted unexpected experience with spectacular views during sunset while sipping your favorite cocktail or wine.


Hotel Uvala Location: Dubrovnik - Lapad bay


Hotel Uvala is a popular four-star hotel below the green Petka hill on the Lapad Peninsula. This Mediterranean hotel is situated in one of most beautiful areas in Dubrovnik and it is only 3 km away from the City walls and includes complimentary breakfast.


Grand Hotel Park Location: Dubrovnik - Lapad bay


Grand Hotel Park brings you a bit of an Italian inspiration with 244 modern suites close to Mediterranean parks and pebbled Lapad Bay Beach. The hotel is a short bus ride away from the city walls and a perfect setting for your holiday destination.


Hotel Kompas Location: Dubrovnik - Lapad bay


Hotel Kompas has been newly renovated and stands proudly overlooking Lapad Bay with its rooftop bar Zenith. The Hotel is situated 4km from the ancient city walls and offers guests fantastic panoramic views and Wellness and Spa facilities.


Hotel Vis Location: Dubrovnik - Lapad bay


Hotel Vis is in the perfect location for those who love the beach and water sports. The beachfront hotel is situated in Lapad Bay and 3km away from the Old Town Dubrovnik. Hotel Vis is ideal for families for small children located close to the pebbled beach.


Hotel Adriatic Location: Dubrovnik - Lapad bay


Hotel Adriatic is a casual accommodation on the Lapad peninsula, and only 3km away from the city walls. The beachfront hotel overlooks Lapad Bay and its beautiful beaches, and includes beach amenities such as sun loungers and umbrellas. Snorkeling, scuba diving and sailing are available for those who feel more adventures.


Hotel Komodor Location: Dubrovnik - Lapad bay


Hotel Komodor is an example of Dubrovnik's grand old summerhouses and is located 50m from Lapad Bay with 63 rooms. The hotel offers bus tickets at the reception for you to explore Dubrovnik.


Hotel Zagreb Location: Dubrovnik - Lapad


Charming Hotel Zagreb is located on the beautiful Uvala Lapad promenade surrounded with big pine trees and only 300m from the pebbled Lapad Beach. The hotel is close by restaurants, bars, the bus station and only 3km away from the Old Town.


Hotel Sumratin Location: Dubrovnik - Lapad


Hotel Sumratin is located on the Uvala Lapad promenade in the heart of Lapad Bay. The two-star hotel was built in 1918 and is located 300m from the beach in a lush area of Mediterranean gardens. You can visit the UNESCO World Heritage site easily from here as it is only 3km away from Old Town Dubrovnik.


Hotel Ivka Location: Dubrovnik – Lapad


Hotel Ivka is a modern hotel on the Lapad peninsula about 2,5 km away from the Medieval Old Town of Dubrovnik. The nearest beach is less than a kilometer away and the hotel offers 73 spacious rooms including complimentary breakfast.


Hotel Perla Location: Dubrovnik – Lapad


Hotel Perla is a small family run hotel in Uvala Lapad promenade and is located close to many restaurants, bars, Lapad beach and 3km from the Old Town of Dubrovnik. The hotel offers a home away from home with free Internet in the entire hotel.


Hotel Aquarius Location: Dubrovnik – Lapad


Hotel Aquarius is a picturesque small family hotel on the Uvala Lapad. The boutique hotel offers guest a charming and cozy stay with 24 rooms. Hotel Aquarius is 3km away from the medieval city walls of Dubrovnik.


Hotel Petka Location: Dubrovnik - Gruz


Hotel Petka is located in close proximity of the ferry port and main bus station in Gruz, Dubrovnik. The hotel offers 104 rooms for your comfort and it is only 3km away from the historic city walls and cultural heritage of Dubrovnik which attract visitors from all around the world.


Hotel Tirena Location: Dubrovnik - Babin Kuk


Hotel Tirena is a seaside getaway family hotel on the Babin Kuk peninsula of Dubrovnik. The hotel also caters as a couple’s retreat between the romantic pine, olive and cypress parks surrounding the hotel, which gives you an undoubtedly Mediterranean escape. Hotel Tirena is located 6km away from the city walls, monuments, palaces and cathedrals in Old Town Dubrovnik with bus no.6


Hotel Argosy Location: Dubrovnik - Babin Kuk


Hotel Argosy is located in the peaceful picturesque peninsula of Babin Kuk with stunning parks, infinity pool and modern rooms. The hotel is set for a relaxing and romantic oasis overlooking the Elaphiti Islands and stunning sunsets melting into the Adriatic Sea. Hotel Argosy is 6km away from the medieval city walls of Dubrovnik and linked with no.6 bus route to and from the Old Town.


Valamar Club Dubrovnik President Hotel Location: Dubrovnik - Babin Kuk


On the tip of Babin Kuk Peninsula surrounded by the Mediterranean pine trees lays Hotel President, providing guests with a beachfront vacation to relax in the sunshine or enjoy the indoor or outdoor pool. The panoramic views of the Elaphiti Islands from all the room terraces and balconies allure guests of this newly renovated 5 star Hotel, in a romantic and indulging setting. Hotel President is 5km away from Old Town Dubrovnik and the last stop on the bus no.6 public transportation.


Valamar Lacroma Dubrovnik Hotel Location: Dubrovnik - Babin Kuk


Valamar Lacroma Dubrovnik Hotel is situated on the Babin Kuk peninsula 4km away from the ancient city walls. The hotel features a serene environment surrounded by pine tree forests and pebbled beaches in close proximity. Valamar Lacroma Dubrovnik Hotel offers state of the art facilities, which brings you a touch of self-indulgence to your Croatian holiday.


Importanne Resort Location: Dubrovnik - Babin Kuk


Importanne Resort consist of three hotels namely Hotel Neptune, Hotel Ariston, Importanne Suites and the stunning Villa Elita. The resort is located on the beautiful Babin Kuk peninsula and has amazing views of the Elaphiti Islands and the sparkling Adriatic Sea. Indulge in the top quality resort that offers you a taste of Dubrovnik on the best location that the city could offer. Importanne Resort is located 4km away from Old Town Dubrovnik and is linked with a frequent no.6 bus route.


Valamar Club Dubrovnik Location: Dubrovnik - Babin Kuk


Valamar Club Dubrovnik is a beachfront hotel on the green Babin kuk Peninsula and offers fun for the whole family. The all-inclusive hotel offers family orientated activities and the well-known Copacabana beach is close and only 6km from the Old Town on the no.6 bus.


Hotel Kazbek Location: Dubrovnik – Lapad


Hotel Kazbek is a beautiful old castle set on the seaside of Lapad opposite the ferry port in Dubrovnik. The hotel is rich with history and was built as a summerhouse in 1573 for one of Dubrovnik's noble families called Zamanje. Hotel Kazbek is located 3km from Old Town Dubrovnik.


Adora Apartment 1 (4 stars) Location: Dubrovnik – Lapad

This fantastic apartment features a balcony with a scenic view of the Lapad Bay. Adora Apartment 1 is situated 100m from Lapad Beach and is only a 10min drive from the Old Town in Dubrovnik. Adora is decorated in bright colors, with three big bedrooms suitable for large families. Free Wi-Fi (Sleeps 6 persons).



Adora Apartment 2 (3 stars) Location: Dubrovnik – Lapad

Situated in Lapad Bay, Adora Apartment 2, offers guest a beach holiday in a self-catering facility that is located 200m from the Lapad beach. The apartment consists of two bedrooms and a large terrace to view the beautiful Adriatic Sea right from you accomodation. Free Wi-Fi. (Sleeps 4 persons).


Adora Apartment 3 (4 stars) Location: Dubrovnik – Lapad

Adora Apartment 3 is a luxury family accommodation located 100m from Lapad Beach. Adora 3 offers free parking and Wi-Fi for its guests. The apartment is in close proximity of restaurants, cafes, bars and short bus ride away from the Old Town in Dubrovnik. (Sleeps 6 persons)


Villa Karolina (3 stars) Location: Dubrovnik – Lapad

Set on the Uvala Lapad promenade in Dubrovnik, the self-catering villa offers guests a beach holiday not to be forgotten. Villa Karolina is located only a few minutes from family friendly Lapad beach in Lapad bay and a short bus ride from Old Town Dubrovnik. The villa is situated close to numerous restaurants, a beautiful park, entertainment arena for kids, bus stop, supermarkets, pharmacy and access to the best seaside walkway around the Lapad Peninsula in Dubrovnik. The Villa features three apartments, air conditioning and free Wi-Fi.

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