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Dubrovnik Region - Dalmatia

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Split Region - Dalmatia

Your guide to the hidden gems of the city Split.

Split is a favorite tourist destination and the second largest city in Croatia bordering the Marjan hill (187 m) on the west. It is linked as a major transport pivot and focus point on the Roman Palace of the Emperor Diocletian that lies in the city walls. Although it is said to believe that Split was established in 305CE, it was actually founded in the 4th century as a Greek settlement, Spálathos.


Šibenik Region - Dalmatia

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Zadar Region - Dalmatia

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Kvarner Region

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Lika and Karlovac Region

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Zagreb Region - Central Croatia

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Croatia is blessed with 1185 islands and islets, although only 66 are populated it will awaken your heart, kindle your imagination and bless our soul with inner peace. The enchanting Elaphiti (Ancient Greek word meaning “deer”) consists of a number of reefs and rocks including 8 islands and 5 islets called Daksa, Kolocep “Kalamota”, St. Andrija, Lopud, Ruda, Sipan, Misnjak, Jakljan, Kosmec, Golec, Tajan and Olipa.
All of these are uninhibited except the beautiful chain of islands west of Dubrovnik that stretches 30m2 where Kolocep (smallest), Lopud (second largest) and Sipan are the three-inhibited islands between the Pelješac peninsula and the Lapad peninsula. The main three islands are inhabited and are lavished with caves, ruins of fortresses, churches and monasteries. 

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"It’s all about being personal, not distant, with the observer. It’s about sharing. It’s about the journey.
I decided to blog my story."

For those who wonder love brought me to Dubrovnik, long time ago, from the cold north to the warm south...
I am Rebecca and I’ve been living as an expat in Dubrovnik, Croatia for many years now. It’s a great place to call home even if I miss Sweden from time to time but the peaceful way of life attracts me.  The lifestyle is fantastically chill, the cost of living is still low compared to Swedish prices, yes I come from Sweden, born in New Delhi, and there is such a beauty in waking up in a foreign country. Traveling has always been one of my major interest, and after finishing my university studies in Spain and Croatia in the Management and Technology in the tourism field, I decided to start a travel insider guide with my companion and compadre Maria from South Africa.
(by Rebecca)


Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes in the middle of that nowhere, you find yourself. 

Being a world traveler after working so many years in the Leisure, Travel and Tourism Industry, I must say there are a few places that took my breath away, and a few (let's just say) was a adventure. So instinctively you would ask yourself how did the travel fanatic South African city girl's journey ended up leading her to the southern tip of Croatia in Dubrovnik?...One thing is for sure; the travel bug sometimes ends up biting you in places you never dreamt you would end up! Together with my great friend Rebecca, we are hoping to bring you inspiration, insider tips, include you in our adventures and even a few giggles exploring your way through the beautiful Croatia. (by Maria)


Croatia Insider Intro:

It's all about sharing, right?

Croatia Insider is a travel guide for people like you and me who loves to travel and explore. Our main goal was to build this travel insider guide since we felt that this type of information was not to be found in any other travel guide about Croatia.  People who likes to go traveling to new places and getting the whispers of every day life, feasting where locals go and discovering the places through a local perspective. Traveling generates whole constellations of ideas about how people live in this world, how they work and raise their kids, live and die, have fun and enjoy life. We are determinate to give you all the necessary facts you might need for a trip to Croatia and a little bit more. Our travel bog will devolve feelings and tell you about how daily life looks according to two expat from different parts of the world. Who we are? We are two passionate expats from Sweden and South Africa who enjoy the pleasures of life so we will share our insider information with inspiration to highlight your experience in Dubrovnik and the rest of Croatia. With first hand info about locations where it happens, hidden places to be discovered, tips from locals and our own experience, you can pick out what you like, or just a few tips and ignore the rest.



Founder & Co-Editor

Rebecca Pousette Munitic from Sweden born in New Delhi, is the founder and co- editor of Croatia Insider. She has great knowledge and skills in the management, hospitality and tourism field and has lived and studied in many countries. As her mayor interest is traveling and communication and  she speaks five languages. 


Blood-sweat-tears Developer and Co-Editor

Maria Kalifo from Dubrovnik, Croatia is a foreigner originally from South Africa and the developer and co-editor of Croatia Insider. She has more then ten years of experience in the Leisure, Travel and Tourism industry and Maria has visited over 72 countries in the world during her travels. 

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Basic Croatian can help you to get to places, order food and even have a chat with locals. Slang is often used as a 'unofficial language' in all regions of Croatia. It varies from north to south, and even on the islands for example the island Vis, makes it hard for other Dalmatian regions to understand.

Here are a few words and phrases that can help you on your travels:

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History does not exist until you capture the heart of Dubrovnik in its medieval essence! During the time of 200 B.C. the Illyrians called ancient Dubrovnik "Ragusa" home, which had pristine nature, the sea and the profusion of light. Shortly after the Romans, whom colonized in the nearby town of Epidaurum, Cavtat today, accompanied them. The discovery of history underneath the city revealed stone inscriptions, weapons, ruins and limestone sarcophaguses that bare witness to Dubrovnik's rich past!


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