Numerous visitors choose to visit Dubrovnik by car since it is an excellent way to discover the country. Taking a roadtrip allows you the freedom to go where you want. It is necessary to have a driver's license, automobile registration card, and passport / ID- card and vehicle insurance to enter Croatia. To be able to use a rent-a-car service you need to have an international driving license.  

The highway is fairly new, map the A1 connects Zagreb to Split and A2 runs from Ljubljana (Slovenia) to Zagreb and shorten your traveling time, unless you are heading for the Dalmatian-Region from Split. At the highway to Ploče you have to exit at Karamatići (100 km away from Dubrovnik). After the exit just follow signs for Dubrovnik. Just south of the town of Metković, you will pass through a corridor belonging to Bosnia and Herzegovina, so keep your passport or ID card handy through the border control. Have a map handy when you enter into Dubrovnik, under the bridge as a one-way system leads east and west of the Old Town. 

Be careful as fines are issued from exceeding speed limits, not wearing seat belts, blood alcohol levels higher than 0.05%, talking on mobile phones while driving and to illegal parking of course. In Croatia you have to drive on the right side of the road with your headlights on at daylight times except during the summer months in the Dalmatian-Region. 

In case of emergency contact: Hrvatski Autoclub (HAK traffic) call 987 or +385 1987 (mobile)

Police: call 112 or lost documentation MVP











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To make your options easier where to go and what connections are available, be sure to check out ferry options to different places in Croatia to the islands and International.

Insider Tip: Getting to and from Gruz to Dubrovnik Old Town, just hop onto an orange Libertas bus numbered 1A, 1B, 1C or 3.  

Ferry routes from Italy to Croatia

Venice (Venezia) – Porec ferry

Venice (Venezia) – Rovinj ferry 

Venice (Venezia) – Pula ferry 

Venice (Venezia) – Rabac ferry

Venice (Venezia) – Losinj (Lussino) ferry 

Venice (Venezia) – Piran (Pirano) ferry 

Ancona – Zadar ferry

Ancona – Split (Spalato) ferry 

Ancona – Hvar ferry

Pescara – Split ferry

Pescara – Hvar (Stari Grad) ferry  

Dubrovnik – Bari – Dubrovnik ferry



Local Ferries to Dubrovnik

Ferry Dubrovnik - Bari (Italy)

Ferry Rijeka-Dubrovnik- Check Summer and Winter Timetable

Ferry boat Dubrovnik-Sipan-Lopud-Kolocep

Ferry Dubrovnik-Sipan

Ferry catamaran Dubrovnik-Sipan-Mljet-Korucla-Lastovi



Ferries to Split

Ferry Split – Ancona winter timetable

Ferry Split – Hvar – Ancona – summer timetable

Ferry Split – Rijeka – Korcula – Mljet – Dubrovnik – (Summer Timetable)

Ferry Split – Supetar (Brac Island)

Ferry Catamaran Split – Bol (Brac) – Jelsa (Hvar)

Ferry Catamaran Split – Bol (Brac) – Jelsa (Hvar)

Ferry Split to Stari Grad (Hvar Island)

Ferry Lastovo – Vela Luka – Hvar- Split

Ferry catamaran Vis – Hvar -Split

Ferry Split – Vis


Ferries to Zadar:

Ferry Pula – Unije – Mali Lošinj – Ilovik – Zadar

Ferry Biograd-Tkon (Pasman Island)

Ferry Zadar – Preko (Ugljan Island)

Ferry Zadar Brbinj (Dugi Otok)

Ferry catamaran Zadar – Sali (Dugi otok) – Zaglav (Dugi otok)

Zadar – Ist – Olib – Silba – Premuda – Mali Lošinj Ferry



Ferries connecting Korcula Island via Mljet Island 

Ferry Prapratno – Sobra (Mljet)

Ferry Mljet (Sobra) – Split – Rijeka – Korcula – Dubrovnik – (Summer)

Ferry catamaran Mljet – Dubrovnik – Sipan – Korcula – Lastovo



Ferries to Hvar Island

Ferry Catamaran Split – Bol (Brac) – Jelsa (Hvar)

Ferry from Drvenik (near Makarska) to Hvar (Sucuraj)

Ferry Lastovo – Vela Luka – Hvar (proceeding further to Split)

Ferry catamaran Vis – Hvar (proceeding further to Split)

Ferry Split to Stari Grad (Hvar Island)


Ferries to Brac Island

Ferry Split – Supetar ( Brac Island)

Ferry Makarska – Sumartin (Brac Island)

Insider Tip: One of today's most popular summer festivals and beach parties happen on Zrce Beach (Novalja) on Pag Island. The town has been attracting more and more young tourists every year over the past decade due to its increase growth of clubbing and festival offers. Despite that, Novalja maintains to stay a resort suitable for families too. To get there you need to take the ferry to the island of Pag for the Zrce beach festivals in Novalja. 


Ferries to Vis Island

Ferry Split – Vis

Ferry catamaran Vis -via Hvar – Split


Ferries to Lastovo Island

Ferry Lastovo – Vela Luka (Korcula) – Split

Ferry catamaran Lastovo – Vela Luka (Korcula) – Hvar – Split

Ferry catamaran Lastovo – Korcula – Sipan-Mljet – Dubrovnik


Ferries around Kvarner region

Ferry Rab Island (Lopar) – Krk Island (Valbiska)

Ferry Valbiska (Krk Island) – Merag (mainland)



Obala S. Radića 40, Dubrovnik

Tel: +385 20 418 000,Tel/fax:

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St John's fortress is one of the most stunning sights of Old Town especially at night when it is lit up and is located near the Ploce gate and close to the entrance to the cable car.

The proud fortress faces the sea head-on and was designed in the 16th century by Dubrovnik architect, Paskoje Miličević. St. John's Fortress was built in 1346 on the southern part of the city walls in four stages until 1557 as the main defense of the city harbor.  The fort was reinforced into today’s present semi-circular shape it took on forming an impressively looking complex of buildings.

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Guarding the east part and entrance of the city, Fort Revelin was an armory and was also built to protect the harbor against military forces of the Turks. Its construction began in 1539 under Antonio Ferramolino; a military architect from Bergamo and it was built powerfully and firmly.  

Later it strengthened its massive walls against Venice who wanted to control the Adriatic Sea. Here, on top of the highest terrace in the Old Town, on Fort Revelin, Ivan Rabljanin made his deadly guns and molded his most beautiful bells. 

Today the Fort portrays two archaeological exhibits (Early Medieval Sclupture of Dubrovnik and Environs and Archaeological research, Spatial Development and Foundry), a virtual museum, dining experiences, music concerts, Club Revelin for a younger crowd and of course beholds the Ploče gates. 


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Fortress Minceta protected the northern and western sides of the city from enemy attacks and was built on noblemen's land called Menčetić (thus the name). Minceta Tower is the highest, most prominent of all the protecting towers in the Old Town defense system and was built originally by Nikifor Ranjina in the beginning of the 14th century. 

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